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Aseptic Packaging: Serac Innovates and Reduces Environmental Impact Thanks To BluStream®


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Serac confirms its expertise in container treatment based on dry processes with an industrial sterilization solution using ebeam technology. Capable of ensuring a 5 log bacteriological reduction on Bacillus Pumilus without leaving any chemical residue in the container and to eliminate the consumption of chemical agents to decontaminate a bottle, BluStream® is a real technological breakthrough in the aseptic filling of plastic bottles, BluStream® is particularly interesting for manufacturers wishing to highlight:


  • Production processes that respect both human beings and the environment.
  • Brands that follow natural trends and target sensitive consumers (babies, elderly people, allergic people, etc.).

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BluStream® is based on a physical process. It uses an issuer which throws an electron beam over the container’s surface. Electrons quickly destroy micro-organisms by breaking their DNA chains. Without the use of chemicals, BluStream® ensures that containers are totally free of any toxic residue.


BluStream® treatment is also more economical in production because it requires no chemicals, no water, no compressed air, and a minimum increase in electrical consumption comparable to the H₂O₂ treatment.


BluStream® treatment is compatible with all kinds of plastics; HDPE, PET, PP, PS, whatever their weight or shape (off handle).

A demonstration of BluStream® will be shown at Hall A5-Stand 332 during the Drinktec trade fair from 11 to 15 September 2017.